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Vax vs 2 children & 1 dog… let the battle commence!

VAX WINS!! (1)

My home is, like many up and down the country, a busy one. As a family with two primary school aged children and one 11-month-old Vizsla puppy, life goes at quite a pace. Although I would love my home to look immaculate at all times, it doesn’t. I don’t have a cleaner, nor enough time (or perhaps inclination) to spend any spare minutes cleaning and so things do take quite a battering sometimes, and there’s often a fine layer of dust/dirt/mud that shouldn’t really be there.


Take my favourite popcorn rug for example. It’s a lovely, but not a very practical pale oatmeal colour (chosen before the children started bringing in so much mud and definitely before the dog). It sits under the sofa that sits by the doors to the garden. It’s a lovely rug – squidgy between my toes but I have to admit it is filthy. Kids run in straight from the garden depositing mud and grass over it, and the dog? Well she just adds to the happy chaos (and muddy scenario) as she just won’t wipe her feet when she launches across the threshold. My poor rug has also had sploshes of drinks spilt on it and who knows what else to add to the garden and life debris… it is looking really rather sorry for itself I’m afraid.

Mucky 2

Before 1

Mucky 6

Mucky 5

Mucky 3

Before 2

The Vax Platinum Power Max should, in theory, be my carpet-cleaning knight-in-shining-armour, bringing my poor forlorn rug back to life, but can it really undo the damage of 4 muddy paws and 8 feet? (my husband and I aren’t without blame – it’s not just the kids!) I love a challenge, but this feels like quite a big one as there’s lots of damage to undo. Can one machine really save the day?

Vax box

Having taken the kids to school (so as to give the carpet the best chance of drying) I read the instructions (with a cup of tea – that helps) and the machine was easy to click together.


Having hoovered to collect debris I then put foil under the feet of the sofa (so the wooden feet don’t stain the carpet) and filled the tanks with warm water and the cleaning solution. It’s not a big rug so going up and down with the machine to clean it took no time though overall it was so fast it wouldn’t take long to do a big room, or half a day to do all the carpets in the house I should think (with tea breaks of course). On my rug there was one particularly mucky area which I paid special attention to, using the boost trigger for a shot of extra cleaning. I have to say that patch didn’t look noticeably cleaner and I wasn’t sure whether the damage was too bad to get it clean but I stayed positive – the Vax was certainly picking up a lot of dirt!

Working on the dirty patch

Using the Vax

When I’d finished I looked at the waste water tank. Crumbs that’s gross. It’s brown. Not lightly tinged but mucky pond-water brown. However, the up side is that the dirt is no longer in the carpet and that has to be a good thing – it’s actually really satisfying to see the colour of the water because I knew I’d achieved something.

Waste water YURGH

It’s quick to unclip all the dirty machine parts and rinse them through and I left them to air on the draining rack. Then it’s a case of wait for it to dry (it smells nice at this time).


Wet rug

By the evening it was pretty dry (though still looked a bit patchy) and the next morning I came in to see… well I can only describe it as looking shiny and new. I am SO impressed. Even the area which was deeply marked is clean and splodge-free. The whole process took under an hour (and that includes tidying up and cleaning the machine at the end) and my poor forlorn mucky rug really looks a million times better. The Vax has undone months of abuse from a family’s worth of muddy feet through a soggy winter and spring. It couldn’t have been easier or quicker so now I’m off to clean every other carpet in the house. I shall live in a beautifully clean carpeted home for… well about 5 or 6 minutes until one of the kids or the dog forgets to wipe their feet….

After After 2After 1After 3 BetsyAfter 4

It's so clean and soft

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