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Mr Fox is 5!

5 years ago, a very lovely print called Mr Fox was launched by Scion and he is a charming  character print that’s not just for kids – he’s rather sophisticated so will bring a cheerful quirky edge to any home. A while ago I gave an old EBay chair a makeover with Mr Fox fabric in mustard and grey and my kids love the chair as it’s just their size and I love how it looks – much more fun than a boring old high street chair don’t you think? The fabric is so easy to work with this was an easy project to do but if you don’t fancy upholstery, why not make a cushion or drawstring bag?

lounge makeover72330.jpg

I’ve used the print in a few makeovers but if you haven’t seen it then it’s time you made his acquaintance! The fabrics are in colours that are great for kids because they’re bright and so attractive to them but the palette is subtle enough that adults love it too. Throw a cheery cushion on your sofa and it looks immediately more welcoming, or give your downstairs loo a heap of character with Mr Fox wallpaper. I had a look round Tinternet to see what other clever people had done with the print – perhaps this will give you a few ideas for your own home…

aaf417debf938aa5c8b95a0cf524fa2c.jpg bfa99e00c119305d370c5a839904ee03.jpg ccc3f455e71c87995bbce3a1141c9097.jpg il_570xN.1027143377_4136.jpgbfdb89cc5ea1642af84c71b10518e980.jpg

And then to celebrate his birthday, Scion sent me some ginger biscuits in the iconic shape so I made a cuppa… and then my children came in to “help” eating them!

Happy Birthday Mr Fox and well done Scion 🙂



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