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The best new craft mag and my work’s in it!

Listen up all ye who who like making things for their home – there’s a new kid on the block and it’s the best “make it” magazine I’ve seen in ages! The first issue of “The Craft Network” has loads of projects to make for the home (and they’re ones you’ll really want to try) as well as being affordable and doable too. There are ideas that the beginner can achieve successfully and some for more confident makers too. There are all sorts of crafts with instructions and step by step photography to guide you so you won’t go wrong.

I was asked to complete a whole host of footstool projects from recovering dated old ones to making a crochet-covered stool from scratch. There’s patchwork and lots of staple-gun action so I do hope there’s something for everyone.

My girls modelled in the early morning shoot and were fantastic (and they weren’t late for school either). IMG_1812IMG_1813IMG_1814IMG_1815IMG_1819IMG_1820LO2869BC-011LO2869BC-018LO2869BC-023

I’ve also done a painted light fitting, underbid storage boxes, a set of little hooks and jeans pocket storage hanger. There’s loads more inspiration so get down to your newsagent, grab a copy and settle down with a cuppa to enjoy the read.


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I'm an Interior Designer, Stylist, and writer for lots of lovely homes and interior magazines. I do almost anything that involves a paintbrush and am pretty handy with a drill, glue gun and sewing machine too. I believe you can make your little corner of the world your beautiful haven and if I can help you achieve this, I will.

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