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Woo hoo I have a new website!

I am a complete technophobe and even when I try really hard at getting it right, more often than not I get it all wrong so the concept of building my own website was more than a little daunting. A friend pointed me in the direction of Wix claiming it was really easy to use. I was very skeptical but I spent many hours, made lots of mistakes, got frustrated, got un-frustrated and ta- daaaaaaaahhhhh here it is! 

I am terribly proud of myself because it all seems to work well and is a great place to see all the things I do… magazine room makeovers, styling, writing, up cycling and craft, as well as the videos I did for Style At Home magazine. It’s also got info on my new venture which is taking on private commissions for design and styling because for years people have asked me to come and help but up tis now I’ve only worked on magazine features.

So I’m excited and I hope you have a chance to look at it too. Enjoy!

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I'm an Interior Designer, Stylist, and writer for lots of lovely homes and interior magazines. I do almost anything that involves a paintbrush and am pretty handy with a drill, glue gun and sewing machine too. I believe you can make your little corner of the world your beautiful haven and if I can help you achieve this, I will.

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