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Inspired by the new Scion range – Lohko

I’ve been working on a fabulous new bedroom makeover for one of your favourite interiors magazines (I’ll reveal all when it’s in print) and the scheme has been driven by the most lovely new range by the wonderful Scion. The range is called Lohko and it has a relaxed, retro vibe and, like most of their collections can be used in so many different ways. So having been happily immersed in the oh-so-lovely colours and prints I thought I’d write a post on being inspired by a new range of fabrics and wallpaper.

Scion 2016 Lohko_17_LR

When you’re giving a room a new look, especially if the wall paintwork is fine, fabrics can be your best friend and completely change the space without lifting a paintbrush (though you’ll spend a few hours at a sewing machine). I’m working in a room that is currently a dark neutral – a taupe colour, in fact a neutral colour that will be in hundreds of homes up and down the country. Nice neutrals, inoffensive, easy to live with but by adding some Lohko you add a good dose of oomph turning bland to beautiful.

So where do you start? Look at all the images and see what catches your eye. There are pretty pastels that have a gentle Scandinavian feel, as well as brighter zesty combinations so it’s simply a question of deciding what you like – do you want a bold revamp or something more subtle? There are a few ideas to choose from – orange and black is just lovely when added to a neutral room because it’s grown-up but energetic and these bold prints are fabulous.  As an alternative, the pastels have depth – they aren’t babyish or sugar-sweet.  The addition of chalky grey-pinks and coral make them more sophisticated that will give a fresh feel that’s got a bit more bite than “ordinary” pastel shades.

Scion 2016 Lohko_13_LR

Scion 2016 Lohko_21_LR

Scion 2016 Lohko_05_LR

Wallpaper: There continues to be a trend with a single feature wall of strong pattern that creates an immediate focal point and the places to use this effectively are behind a bed headboard, to frame a dining area, or, in a large open plan space, to create a specific zone. Create retro drama with the large colourful patterns, bold yet understated impact with chevrons or use this really lovely feather design just because it’s beautiful.

Scion 2016 Lohko_14_LR Scion 2016 Lohko_16_LR

Scion 2016 Lohko_19_LR

Wallpaper doesn’t have to draw the eye though, and I am a big fan of delicately patterned papers like this one that from a distance will look like a plain wall, with the delicate pattern only being revealed on closer inspection. It’s available in several colours but if you want a little something but are scared of a giant print, this is a great choice.

Scion 2016 Lohko_22_LR

Fabrics: Too much matchy-matchy fabrics can look a bit dated so don’t use exactly the same print on curtains, cushions and lampshades. Spread your wings and embrace the different patterns and use at least three (with coordinating plains) for a finish that’s confident yet casual. The Lohko range means that there are several different designs with the same colour palette so you can mix and match safely as you please knowing all will work together.

Scion 2016 Lohko_20_LR

What can you make? Can you do a straight (ish) line on a sewing machine? Then you can make a simple envelope cushion cover and even a few of these will make a difference to a plain room. If you don’t want to do a zip, have two hemmed pieces of fabric on the back that overlap to give an opening. You can sew simple curtains too and there are lots of great tutorials on Pinterest if you fancy giving it a go.

Scion 2016 Lohko_01_LR Scion 2016 Lohko_02_LRScion 2016 Lohko_11_LR

The other thing I love to do is make lampshades. They look elegant and are far more interesting than something plain and a trade secret is they’re really easy to do if you use the brilliant kit from Needcraft that costs from just over £8 and allows you to create a professional looking shade from the fabric of your choice. I promise I’m not saying something’s easy when it isn’t really – the kits are straightforward to complete. Though don’t blame me when you make more and more because it’s a little bit addictive…

Scion 2016 Lohko_08_LRScion 2016 Lohko_13_LR

So if you’ve been struggling to decide what to do to bring your home out of it’s wintery dullness, I suggest clearing a bit of time, making a cup of tea and having a slow peruse at all the colours, prints and ideas that Lohko has to offer. It’s nearly spring, so I think a room revamp is the perfect way to welcome a new season and give your home, and you a lift.

Scion 2016 Lohko_15_LR

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